3 Affordable Garage Floor Upgrades

If you are in the market for low-cost home renovations, you are sure to find that you are faced with limited options. The true exception to this is if you have a desire to upgrade your garage floor.

There are many budget-friendly garage floor upgrades that will enhance the beauty, appeal, and functionality of your home’s garage. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to 3 of these affordable options. 

  1. Concrete Stain 

If you value the appearance of natural stone, you should consider a translucent-based concrete stain. This soaks right into the porous concrete and creates a marbled appearance. You will simply have to roll or spray (depending on the type that you purchase) the stain in multiple coats.

Additionally, you will be required to work in the coats utilizing a scrub brush. The stain will not chip; however, it is not designed to actually protect the concrete. As a result, you will need to also place a urethane-based sealant over the stain to aid in protecting the concrete. 

  1. Concrete Paint 

In short, concrete paint is extremely tough. It is a more durable option than the paint that is typically used on the interior of homes. To apply, it is rolled onto the concrete.

You must understand, though, once the paint is placed on the garage floor, it will be susceptible to damage from salts used on roads during the winter months and other chemicals that are often present within the garage.

This means that it will have to be touched up often. The only work around for this is to apply a sealant over the garage floor once the paint is dried. 

  1. Floor Coatings

One of the best options you have for a garage floor upgrade is professional floor coatings. One of the best things about these coatings is that once they are placed on the floor, they will seal up and cover any cracks that are present within the concrete. The coating is designed to hold up against chemicals, moisture, and other damaging agents.

Additionally, they are slip-proof and aid in enhancing the overall safety of the floor. You may get these colored, with added chip colors, and more! You will find that floor coatings are capable of completely transforming your garage floor. 

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