3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Over-the-Counter Epoxy Kits on Your Garage Floor

For years, epoxy has been considered the absolute best option for concrete floors. This is especially true of garage floors composed of concrete. By conducting a simple search, you will discover that there are many different types of over-the-counter kits that you may purchase in order to cover your garage floor.

#1: Weak Adhesive Qualities 

The truth of the matter is, these should not be used. If you want your garage floor covered in epoxy, you should have it professionally done. In this brief guide, we will outline 3 top reasons why all those DIY epoxy kits sold at your local home improvement store should be avoided. 

You may not realize it, but all of those over-the-counter epoxy kits sold for garage flooring have weak adhesive qualities. Professional epoxy includes polyurea. This one additional ingredient aids in ensuring optimal coverage and guarantees against chipping, peeling, lack of adhesive qualities, and even delamination.

In most instances, DIY kits will go down, dry, and in a matter of days, you will be able to peel it up off the floor. This is not true with professional epoxy coverage. It comes with guarantees – some, for life! 

#2: Curing is Slow

If you use DIY epoxy kits, you will find that the substance cures very slowly. In fact, most kits state that you are unable to drive or walk on the floor for 5 days or longer. The good news is, professional epoxy experts are able to get the job done in a day and curing is incredibly fast!

Not only does this mean that you will get to use your garage quicker, it also means that there is no risk for contaminants – such as bugs – to affect your new floor! 

#3: Failure 

The final issue with over-the-counter epoxy kits for garage floors is that the substance will only harden and not completely cure. As a result, the epoxy will be exceptionally brittle. The flexibility is extremely poor. This means that when temperature changes occur, the epoxy will be unable to properly flex in the expansion and the contraction process.

Professional epoxy systems are able to successfully cure and flex with the natural expansion and contraction process which results with the overall success of the flooring for longer periods of time. Additionally, the polyurea has 10 times the flexibility of standard epoxy. 

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