How to Prevent Machine Shop Accidents

All machine shops – regardless of specialty, tools, and equipment – have hazards. As a result of this, certain rules and precautions must be put into place in order to prevent accidents, injuries, and potential loss of life.Machine Shop

According to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, each year there are well over 18,000 accidents involving crushing, lacerations, abrasions, and amputations in machine shops. Of these, nearly 1,000 result in fatalities.

Due to the sheer number of dangers that exist within machine shops, it is necessary to create a plan that will aid in preventing those accidents and injuries from occurring.


The first step to creating a safe machine shop is to ensure that the facility is properly designed. The first component to effective design is the space within the establishment.

There should always be sufficient space between equipment and ample room for walking. In fact, walkways should be marked.

Machine shop floor coatings should be used to ensure that slips, trips, and accidental falls are avoided. There should be plenty of emergency exits and these should be marked.

In addition to these standard practices, you should make sure that the ventilation system is effective for the facility.


The next step to a safe machine shop is to have a clean machine shop. If your workshop is orderly and well-maintained, there is less of a chance that an accident will occur.

First, start with the floors. Make sure they are clean and covered with a coating (as previously mentioned) that will help prevent falls.

Make certain tools and equipment are not just lying around. Pick up trash and debris. Store materials properly. Store flammables and materials that are compressed properly.

Make certain emergency exits and fire extinguishers are not blocked with debris. Also make certain that power cords are not left exposed or in the way.

Machine Safety

In an effort to ensure that your machine shop is as safe as possible, ensure the following:

  • All machines should be secured so that they do not move
  • All moving parts on a machine should have a guard and these should never be removed
  • If a machine is defective, unplug and cease operation until issue is resolved
  • Avoid wearing jewelry, long sleeve clothes, your hair down, loose belts, ties, and other items that may be caught up into machines
  • Use lockout tags as designated for machines
  • Make sure appropriate warning decals are put into place that are associated with the machines
  • Inspect all electrical, air, and hydraulic lines regularly to ensure proper working operation
  • Ensure all employees that work with the machine wear the appropriate safety gear
  • Machines should be properly lubricated, adjusted, and maintained at all times
  • Control and valves should be clearly marked and in working order
  • All machines should have an emergency stop switch
  • Employees should keep a safe distance from moving parts at all times
  • All employees should be properly trained to operate the machines within the shop

If you follow the measures outlined in this guide, your machine shop should be accident and injury free. For assistance for proper concrete floor coatings, contact us today by calling: 706-249-4131