How to Winterize Your Basement 

If you have a home with a basement, you are likely well aware of the fact that winter is a potentially dangerous time for that area of the home. Cold weather is known to seep in from the ground. This could cause many complications.


The goal is to ensure that the basement – and all that is contained within it – is kept warm and safe. In this guide, you will learn a few steps that you may take to properly winterize this area of the home. 

  1. Evaluate the Foundation of the Home 

The basement sits immediately on top of the foundation of the home. Prior to less-than-favorable weather conditions setting in, you should thoroughly inspect your home’s foundation.

First, ensure that the dirt around the foundation is sloped away and that the foundation is higher than the ground around it. Next, check your gutter system to ensure it is in proper working order so that any moisture that occurs does not pool around the space.

If this happens, and the water freezes, cracks could occur. Settling or shifts in your home’s foundation could result in the development of cracks within the floor and walls of your basement. 

  1. Seal

Go around the home and check for any openings or cracks. If these are present, all that cold winter air and/or moisture could get inside of your basement. If you discover any, seal them up. If you are unsure as to what products to use or how to properly seal, you should hire a professional to complete the job.

In most instances, those that specialize in carpenter, construction, plumbing, and similar types of specialties are familiar with sealing cracks and openings within the home. 

  1. Prepare the Pipes

During the winter months, it is not at all uncommon for homeowners to experience frozen and/or burst pipes. Prior to the cold really kicking in, you should cover the pipes with heat tape or even some insulation.

If you so desire, you may do both. If temperatures will dip below the freezing mark, allow warm water to drip within the home to help in keeping all of the pipes warm throughout the house. Be sure to shut off the outdoor spigots and drain them completely.

If you are looking to prepare pipes for cold weather on a budget, insulate with those pool noodles. This is a cheap and easy option. 

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In addition to the tips outlined in this guide, you may also seal off the basement floor with basement floor coatings. This is a type of epoxy/resin-based substance that helps to protect the cement floor underneath from extreme temperatures and damage that may occur during the winter months.

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