Looking to Bring New Life to Your Garage Flooring? Have it Coated with Epoxy!

In terms of durability, longevity, aesthetics, and strength, an epoxy coating is considered to be the absolute best for garage floors. An epoxy floor coating will instantly transform a boring cement garage floor into a beautiful and highly functional masterpiece – all while providing the highest level of protection to the flooring.

In today’s world, the garage is more than just a protective room for parking your vehicle. Many are using the garage for other purposes. As a result, an epoxy floor coating is now considered to be the top choice for homeowners seeking to bring new life to their garage flooring.


Epoxy floor coatings will instantly provide a new appearance and shine to any garage floor. Depending on the unique application that you choose, there are numerous colors and hues available on the market.

You may choose from standard colors, custom colors, and even blends of chip color flakes that match the decorative style and theme or your garage or even reflect the colors associated with your favorite sports team, race car driver, and more!

Epoxy floor coatings offer the absolute highest level of versatility for homeowners seeking to add new life to their garage floor!

What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?

Before delving any further, we feel it is important to first outline exactly what garage floor epoxy is not and what it is. First, it is not paint. Now, many garage floor paints do contain a small amount of epoxy in order to increase its overall durability, but epoxy floor coatings – in and of themselves – are not paint.

It is a type of thermosetting resin. It is applied to the garage floor as a coating. It is a combination mixture of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. It is the hardener that provides the strength to the epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy does not dry like paint does. Instead, it cures. This is made possible by an exothermic curing process. This produced structures that are cross-linked and very strong. The final result is a coating that is significantly thicker than that of paint. It immediately bonds to any surface that has been property prepared.

If you want the epoxy floor coating on your garage floor, it is best to have it professionally applied. This will ensure that it bonds and cures properly. Furthermore, it will be backed by a warranty that would not be in place if you handled the work yourself.

The Benefits

An epoxy floor coating hardens and thickens quickly, which results in a high level of durability. Additionally, it is resilient to impacts, chemicals and various types of surface abrasions. It will not chip and it is easy to clean. It can – literally – transform the garage floor to the point where it looks brand new!

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