Garage Decluttering Tips for the Summer

The summer months are wonderful for taking care of household chores and other tasks around your property. You are not faced with battling snow, ice, or freezing temperatures. If there is one component of your home that you should focus on during the summer, it is the garage.Garage Decluttering Tips For The Summer

We all know that the garage is the ultimate “catch all” for those miscellaneous items that do not have a “home” within your home. Statistics indicate that nearly 60% of all people do not have room to park their vehicles within their garages because of the amount of clutter within.

If you are ready to declutter your garage, continue reading for a few productive tips that will assist in the endeavor.

Tip #1: Utilize Vertical Storage Units

The garage is a space that typically has a large amount of floor space; however, it also has a lot of wall space, too. If you are attempting to declutter and get organized, you should make use of vertical storage systems.

These can hold bicycles, include baskets for balls and other sports equipment, and even drawer systems for tools, screws, nails, and other items. This is a wonderful and creative means of getting things off of the garage door and streamlining the space.

Tip #2: Utilize Shelving Units and Labels

While we are on the topic of vertical storage systems, let’s throw in shelving units and labels. Shelves can be used to store just about anything. This includes tools, paper products for the home, and a multitude of other items.

Once you have everything in place, it is time to integrate a label system. This will help you identify what is what and makes the items on the shelves easier to find and access. Any excess items may be purged.

Tip #3: The Four Specifications

When decluttering your garage this summer, there are four specifications that you should use in order to clean out that which you no longer need or want. These are “Keep”, “Donate”, “Sell”, and “Toss”.

If something has not been used in the previous year, you should eliminate it. If it is something of value, you should sell it.

If it is something that is broke and cannot be used, you should toss it. If it is something that someone else could use, simply donate it.

Bring New Life to Your Garage

While decluttering your garage, you can take a few simple steps to bring new life to the space. This includes painting the walls, integrating an automatic garage door opener, or even choosing from one of the many garage floor coatings that are available.

These changes will not only make your garage look better; they will help to lengthen its overall life. This is especially true if you opt for new garage flooring. The coatings will make the space look better and will make it more durable to spills, stains, and cracks.

If you would like to learn more about the floor coatings that may be used in your garage, contact us today at: 706-249-4131